Motivational, pirate-themed
About the company
Cherkizovo Group is Russia's largest producer of meat products. The group is one of the leaders in the markets of poultry, pork, and meat processing products
A browser game with a pirate theme to motivate employees. Employees complete their work tasks and KPIs. By doing this, there are in-game rewards: points and game currency. For example, Completed KPI 3 times in a row or the Best in your division. These points allow you to "boost" your pirate or Baron. The currency, on the other hand, allows you to make purchases in the internal store.
Next, the employee participates in battles. There are individual and team fights. The game itself selects the most suitable opponent. For winning, you also get experience and game currency. For example, for a place in the game's rating, for the number of wins, or boosting the hero.
Employees can communicate with each other in individual and group chats. They can also publish news. Communication during the game in an informal setting allows to improve dialogue between different departments and increase motivation
The company's KPIs are different and are usually calculated for a period. Therefore, every week, month, quarter, or year, some awards can be assigned and canceled. Hence, the employee's hero is required to be constantly "fed" with rewards to remain at the same level. It has a positive effect on employee engagement in KPI implementation.
The user-friendly admin panel allows you to easily set up the game. The office awards allow maintaining your motivation. The system considers the employee who resigned or is on vacation, as well as his/her role in the company.
The game mechanics enable updating the design and turn a pirate theme, for example, into a knight one. It allows the employees not to get bored with the game.
Setting up channels and chats allows you to flexibly respond to changes in the company's organizational structure and encourage communication between different departments.
What was done
Everything: from design to delivery and support. We worked on game mechanics and design. Integrated with corporate ERP for KPI and push notification service. We created chats and channels, an administration panel, and reward and analytics systems
Sales +9%, ROI 311%. More details
Python framework Django
HTML5 / CSS3 / Vue.js
Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
REST API, modular architecture
Innopolis, 114 Sportivnaya street
Tel: +7 (495) 540-59-65

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