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по заказу ГК "Конкиста"
The group of companies operates throughout Russia and includes companies that provide the following services:
Construction and installation works and industrial Mountaineering
Building maintenance and technical operation of engineering systems
Hotel service
Private school and pre-school education
What was done
Messenger for attracting customers and processing requests from B2B and B2C clients with CRM integration, video stream service. Focus on the interaction of clients and company managers with a seamless experience from the first touch to the actual service delivery and calculation. Developed from scratch. We worked on the design and UX. Started with one company and distributed it to everyone in the group.

We took over the stages from the preparation of the technical task and design to publication.
Interaction in the app with each company is not just communication, but a full-fledged digital environment with everything you need. In addition to communication and sending files in group and personal chats, the functionality necessary for better collaboration with the client and business is provided. So, you can set tasks directly from the chat and track them. You can track the status of the transaction. Finally, it is possible to install video cameras from iVideon on the object and remotely monitor what is happening on the task through the app.
Of course, the issue of security and protection of corporate secrets wasn't left aside. The app can add only the employees of the client and SOE Konkista. Access to chats, video broadcasts, and tasks occurs within the framework of linking to the company. Although, for "people from the street," there is functionality. By default, you can communicate with managers. It provides the Konkista group with a great channel for attracting customers with high conversion rates.
Improved communication between clients and employees. We also provided the management with better transparency and control. Increased customer loyalty and trust, even during the first order.

All this is due to the automation of processes and integration of correspondence with the client in CRM. When tasks are set and closed in the app with the client, they seamlessly flow between departments and employees.
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