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One of the leaders of the Moscow market for designing parking lots, carparks, and dispatching yard barriers. The company serves more than 250,000 customers, 500 yards, and 900 fencing units daily. Dynamically growing, entering new markets and niches. Introduces new technologies.

Vezdehod app phone

What was done

  • We have developed new sections of the Vezdehod mobile app and improved the old ones.
  • Improved user experience.
  • Adapted the app for unhindered access to special vehicles (ambulance, FEMA, police).
  • Implemented the ability to open the barrier via Bluetooth if the server is unavailable.
  • We took over the stages from the preparation of the technical task and design to publication. All intellectual property belongs to the customer. The results were saved directly to the customer's cloud storage.

Technologies that we used in the development

Android Java, iOS SWIFT, Objective-C, SOA+MVP(A), Alamofire, kingfisher coredata, keychain, userdefaults, snapkit, xib, storyboard

Vezdehod app phone


Apps for iOS and Android. They allow users to open barriers for driving, for example, to their home or work. It also allows users to grant/receive one-time guest access. The user can see what is happening at each barrier in real-time.

You can open the barrier either from the list or from the map view. If the server is unavailable, the app sends a request directly to the barrier via the Bluetooth module. In case of problems or requests, a feedback form is provided. There, you can also attach a photo.


Now the app has a map, the ability to quickly pass special vehicles (ambulance, fire, police, etc.), the ability to work independently with the barrier in case of loss of connection with the server, and improved moderation of guest passes. Refactoring was performed, defects were fixed, and support for older versions of operating systems was implemented.

Feedback from our clients


Our colleagues from GoDigital have made an excellent mobile application. I would like to commend their professionalism. The GoDigital team is not just performers, but people who are ready to understand all the intricacies of the project and bring useful ideas on their own. They are always open to discussing new features and possible improvements. We like that colleagues did not refuse to help in checking bugs, they fixed them quickly, although it often turned out during the check that the problem was on the side of our backend. They are in touch 24/7, and pleasant communication with them. I thank my colleagues for the individual approach to us. We plan to continue working together to develop our application


CEO Komendant24

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