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Our stack: which IT specialists you can attract


  • iOS - Swift
  • Android - Kotlin
  • React Native
  • Flutter


  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Next.js


  • QA Auto
  • QA Fullstack


  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue

Data Science

  • Big Data
  • Data Scientist
  • ML Engineer


  • DevSecOps
  • SRE


  • System Analysis
  • Business Analisys

Feedback from our clients

Robert Sabiryanov

Colleagues from Go Digital promptly selected a skilled .Net developer for us in the outstaff format. He carried out a qualitative refactoring of two integrations from scratch to a digestible level, solved several tasks related to the operation of Open Banking and integrations with Kontur.Elba and 1C. The specialist worked on two of our projects in parallel, took the initiative and joined the Nominal Accounts project.
We are satisfied with the work and level of service of Go Digital: proactive employees work here, involved in our context and always ready to independently propose new ideas - from a mobile application to creating a development center. They also helped us with solving non-standard business cases, even those not directly related to their core business. In IT products, tasks often need to be completed "yesterday", the Go Digital team understands this perfectly and quickly provides the right solution. In their person, we have found a reliable partner who can be relied upon in difficult situations.

Robert Sabiryanov

Blank bank

Go Digital colleagues have made a marketplace for us (mobile and web versions of the application, control panel). When developing the product, integrations with CDEK and secure payments were made. Go Digital is focused on the Client. For example, we had one Bank registered in the ToR, but because of the inability to provide keys and because of very long responses from the Bank, we had to replace it with another. In this situation, Go Digital didn't refuse us, but helped us figure out all the nuances of the new integration. Most of all, in cooperation with them, I am impressed by the professionalism and efficiency in resolving issues. We also appreciate the proactive position: Go Digital colleagues were actively involved in the development of new hypotheses, for example, Machine Learning, conducted research, provided analytics. They, like us, understand that they are paying for a good product and are trying to create value from their side. We didn't have our own resources to implement the project. We have chosen Go Digital on the recommendation of an expert and after discussing the terms of cooperation. The recommendation gave an initial credibility, which was strengthened in the course of joint work. We are satisfied with the choice of Go Digital, it's a pleasure to deal with them)



We have an experienced Java developer working on the project according to the outstaff scheme.
Initially, I was impressed by his experience. He worked with a load of 5,000 requests / sec. At the end of the year, there were not many tasks, and he effectively interacted with the team leads of 2 different teams, switching between tasks flexibly. Additionally, I want to note his good communication skills and initiative.
We have chosen Go Digital for its price-quality ratio. We are impressed by the professional approach of our colleagues, as well as their interest in improving processes and increasing conversion. We like that our colleagues strive to select technically stronger candidates, taking into account the requirements of our projects. When working with candidates, Go Digital conducts an internal technical interview, which allows you to effectively weed out weak specialists.
I rate the work of my colleagues 5 out of 5. I believe that in 2022 our cooperation will be even more fruitful.


Head of project office, Norbit

Our colleagues from GoDigital have made an excellent mobile application. I would like to commend their professionalism. The GoDigital team is not just performers, but people who are ready to understand all the intricacies of the project and bring useful ideas on their own. They are always open to discussing new features and possible improvements. We like that colleagues did not refuse to help in checking bugs, they fixed them quickly, although it often turned out during the check that the problem was on the side of our backend. They are in touch 24/7, and pleasant communication with them. I thank my colleagues for the individual approach to us. We plan to continue working together to develop our application


CEO Komendant24

I am grateful to the GoDigital team. rocks!
The company was able to quickly provide the necessary IT specialists (testers, developers, team leads), which the internal HR service could not find for us. Unlike other companies, GoDigital is distinguished by a high technical level of specialists, fast speed and streamlined interaction processes.
As a result, we were able to launch the project at the time we needed and in the volumes originally agreed with the internal customer. I recommend this company to all the companies I know.


Timofey Eremenko

We are doing several projects with GO Digital from the USA and Europe in the outstaff format. They put up very cool specialists. Both in terms of technical skills and soft skills. We even lured specialists from the top Russian companies. If they didn't have enough of their specialists, then they quickly found the right ones. There was a case when 1 week and 1 day passed from an application to a person's entry to work, taking into account hiring and signing a contract. On the other hand, I can note the high quality control of the work of my employees, even when working on outstaff. Employees of the company are constantly collecting feedback, working on improvements and suggesting process improvements. 

Finally, the guys build long-term partnerships. They honor the agreements and do not throw. And in case of disputable situations, they looked for and offered options for resolving the situation, not just compromise, but beneficial to all parties.

Timofey Eremenko

Board member of Eremenko & Polomani OÜ
Product team

In the work of GoDigital, I would like to note 2 key qualities: customer focus and responsiveness. What does this mean for us? First of all, fast problem solving. When a replacement developer was required, they were able to provide it very quickly, and for us everything went as painlessly as possible. It's nice that the company is interested not just in making the code, but in having a really working solution on the market. That is, colleagues independently offered us technical solutions to product problems. GoDigital representatives promptly answer all questions that arise, including during non-working hours in the chat. We plan to continue to work together and develop our product. Elestory is a big team of professionals and very responsible people. We started working with Elestory 3 years ago, and every year their business program becomes better. They maintain their best level.

Product team

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Our main principle

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Our main principle is to solve the customer’s problem. First of all, we immerse into the context of the client and goals. Great expertise in the development of digital products allows us to offer the client the best solutions, often those that he had no idea about.

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